Participation Opportunities

We welcome volunteers (both French and non-French speaking) to join us in one or more of the following activities, or in any way they feel they can add value:

  • Joining the actual sessions to assist the kids.
    • (one or both sessions, one or more afternoons from Monday to Friday).
  • Assist and mentor the kids during or after the workshop, in person or remotely.
  • Monitor the impact of the workshop and the evolution of children.
    • (meetings early every night from Monday to Friday)
  • Review, expand, enhance and adapt the curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Providing guest cameo short talks that can inspire children, help them understand specific social issues or professions better and motivate them, ie:
    • A short talk on being a storyteller, author, artist.
    • A short presentation on learning to code.
    • A short talk on social entrepreneurship.
    • A short talk on creativity and the fun of creating, etc.