Young Creators Academy

Young Creators Academy

creativity and skills for tomorrow beyond tech and curriculum

Young Creators Academy promotes applied creativity and practical skills in kids and youth through a multidisciplinary framework of software coding, storytelling, dance, art and robotics, strengthening social and human values in contact with people and nature.

Learning to Create while having fun

Young Creators learn to invent and tell their own interactive stories where the reader plays an active role by creating video games with tablets. And in doing so, they develop math skills, practice problem solving, learn about variables, logical statements and spatial coordinates at an early age... all while having fun.

Much More than Coding and Tech

We combine tech with dance, music, visual arts and special projects through sessions and interactions with professional writers, storytellers, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, artists, designers and other experts who accompany them in generating artistic and social creations while stimulating and actively engaging their senses.

We use tablets for freedom of movement combined with active sessions with dancers, artists, storytellers, environmentalists, filmmakers, etc. to turn the software development creation process into an interactive experience that engages the senses and physical activity beyond plain intelectual challenges. The abstraction inherent to software development is complemented with an initial process of group discussions and physical activities to invent stories that are translated into written drafts and paper drawings before evolving into interactive video games through coding.

All processes are supported by detailed evaluation tools and templates and supporting mobile e-learning platforms available for the kids, the educators, the guests and the parents or tutors.

Tech as a Creativity Tool, not just for Passive Use

Young Creators learn to see technology as a tool for creation and use it in creative ways to draw and paint by hand, to create songs, to create interactive maps of people and places they love, miss or dream of, to create interactive stories and to create video games.

Underprivileged Children Program

Since 2012 we host summer camps, workshops and training programs for disadvantaged youth in the Caribbean and homeless migrant children in Paris, as a counterpart to our regular programs.

Our Programs and Services

We partner with local associations and educational institutions to offer our programs ourselves or training local trainers with whom we share our know-how, strengthening local capacity.

Each program starts under our direct supervision and includes detailed manuals for both trainers and participants, supported by a digital learning environment with examples and step by step instructions.

We also offer talks, conferences and workshops on innovation in education and on how to empower kids and youth through technology combined with non-tech practical hands-on activities.

Fees and Expenses

We offer paid, discounted and pro-bono services for private institutions and social organizations and community associations. Each activity includes pre-configured and fully charged tablets, eliminating any special requirement by hosting organizations.

Support, Hire or Partner with us

  • Donate to sponsor a tablet or a child.
  • Bring our program to your organization or community.
  • Volunteer as Expert for a guest activity.
  • Join as Facilitator, no tech knowledge required: we train you!


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