April Vacations Coding Camp

Spring Vacations Coding Camp

Your child can learn to code in 2 weeks during les vacances (April 20 - May 6)

What's included?

  • Complete program on digital and printed format for parents to accompany and follow up.
  • Step by step guides.
  • Example programs for all the completed exercises.
  • Personal daily, weekly and program evaluation of each kid
  • Snacks and healthy organic lunch for those staying for lunch.
  • A tablet for use during the course.
  • Personal assistance in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

What Kids Learn

In broad terms, kids learn:

  • to imagine, create, draw and tell a story, identifying its elements and arc (flow).

  • to transform the story into an interactive videogame design.

  • to create an original fully working videogame.

But in the process of learning how to create their games, they develop a wide range of creative, math and logic skills.

They can choose between three predefined types of games, or suggest their own format:

  • Halloween trick or treat.
  • Sports game (football, dance, tennis or olympic race)
  • Alien rescue.

Parents Receive

  • 1 parent account for our cloud learning and evaluation space (optimized for parents)
  • 9 evaluation reports (1 for each class, 1 after the each week and 1 final report)
  • 2 Pesonal Certificates as Young Creator Parent / Parent d'un Jeune Créateur
  • 2 Young Creator Parent / Parent d'un Jeune Créateur Stickers
  • Live Video Feed of the class for remote supervision.
  • 1 15 page guide to videogame creation: understanding what the kid learns and the techniques used.
  • 1 50 page guide on parenting, kids, videogames, digital and mobile devices (including recommended practices, games and use).

Kids Receive

  • One 7", 8Gb Tablet.*
  • All necessary software, lessons, templates, images, sounds and elements pre-loaded in the tablet.
  • 1 Digital Coursebook with all lessons, activities and examples.
  • 1 Printed Coursebook.
  • 1 student account for our cloud learning space (optimized for children access)
  • 1 Personal Certificate of Young Creator / Jeune Créateur.
  • 1 Digital storybook with their story.
  • 1 Printed storybook with their story.
  • 2 Cool Young Creator / Génial Jeune Créateur stickers with their names.
  • Their own original videogame to share with friends and family.

* For their personal use during the workshop and practice later. Optionally parents can buy it for them or bring their own tablet and we will configure it.

Cost and Sessions

Parents can choose the program that best matches their kids schedule. In any case, each child receives personalized tutoring and attention to complete the goals established at the beginning.

  • Morning and Afternoon Sessions.
    • 10AM - 12M
    • 3PM - 5PM
  • 1 or 2 Weeks.
    • 25 February - 1st March.
    • 4 - 8 March.
  • 2, 3 or 5 days a Week.
    • Monday to Friday.
    • Tuesday and Thursday.
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Cost per Week:
    • 5 days: 200€
    • 3 days: 150€
    • 2 days: 100€

Practice / Supervised Play available

Kids are welcome to stay and practice or play educational videogames under supervision on other blocks for an additional fee (20€ per day).

Tablet Option

  • If the child's family owns a tablet, we will install the software required and configure it.
  • If the child's family wishes to buy a tablet, we can provide the same model used in the course for €75 (or we can advice on what model to buy).